Being a multinational city hosting around 200 nationalities or more, Dubai became the business hub of the middle East. However, having a smooth communication method (general translation and legal translation) is the secret of success for business, and not less important for individuals. English is the international language of business, banking, economy, medication and so on, while Arabic is the language of all governmental authorities jurisdictional entities and official procedures. Here comes the role of translation and legal translation that conveys ideas and information. Therefore, translation in general and legal translation in particular is the cornerstone when it comes to UAE courts and notarial services centers.

Every day, various claims and actions are brought by or against nationals and expatriates. Suppose, for example, you are bringing a claim or a case before the Dubai Courts, all supporting documents that are not issued in Arabic must be attached to an official Arabic legal translation. Since the judicial process is administered in Arabic, the judges will read the legal translation of your documents only. If an English exhibit is not submitted with its legal translation, it will not be considered by the court. In order for a translation to be legal and authentic, it MUST be made, signed and stamped by a legal translator and printed on a letterhead of a legal translation office.

When judgements are delivered, they are entirely in Arabic, making it difficult for any non-Arabic speaking party to understand their contents, legal meanings, and particulars. Here lies the role of a reliable legal translation that is to convey the legal content of such judgments in a way that makes it easier for those non-Arabic speaking parties to understand and comprehend them correctly. For execution of judgments outside the UAE, the need for the legal translation arises again. You need to get the legal translation of your document, and then get it attested from the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs before sending it to any other non-Arabic jurisdiction for execution. When, in return, such parties wish to submit an appeal or answers to the claims or actions, it is unchallenging for them to draw up their memoranda and answers in their native language, and here comes the necessity for legal translation to reflect and convert their answers, defenses and other submissions into Arabic texts that carry with them the meanings and the proper legal terminology to be communicated by that party to the competent court. Here, it is the responsibility of the legal translator to provide a professional legal translation with a high level of reliability so that the content of the document is conveyed correctly, smoothly and free from any misunderstandings or linguistic errors that may change its content. Away from the judicial procedures, legal translation is needed when you apply for any governmental authorities using non-Arabic documents.

When you apply for a family member visa (for a spouse or children), you need to have a legal translation of your marriage certificate or birth certificate, as applicable, to prove the family relation with the sponsored person.

Legal translation is also required when you apply for a job that requires an academic certificate. For academic degree equivalency, you will need to have a legal translation of your academic degree and transcript. Get your academic degree and other records fully attested, before sending them for legal translation. It is very important to have an idea about the ratification requirements of the documents to be translated. To have a legal translation of a document issued outside the UAE, the original document must be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The attestation is also translated or referred to in the legal translation. However, if the document is issued inside the UAE, you don’t need any attestation. Aphamea Legal Translation and Linguistic Services is a pioneer UAE legal translation provider.

We provide legal translation to our valuable clients all around the UAE. We make inhouse English Legal Translation and French Legal Translation by highly qualified translators certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice. 


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